What could be more humiliating for a married man than to have his bare bottom spanked by his very own wife? Put over her knee like a naughty child, bottom bared and vulnerable, then spanked with a leather belt as his young blond wife scolds, taunts and berates him mercilessly? Could YOU stand the SHAME - or would you kick, struggle and bawl like a little teary BITCH?
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Get Over My Knee NOW!

"Jack was a burly man who drove a truck for a living. He was lucky enough to have married a lovely blond girl, Kate, who was much younger (and smaller) then himself. His friends all thought him a lucky man, but they didn't know his awful secret - his wife was a stern dominant woman who took no shit and insisted on scolding and punishing Jack for the slightest infraction of her rules. Like the time she caught him wearing his work boots in the house. She blew her top and wasted no time in getting down to business. "Alright, Jack" she screamed "I told you what happens when you dirty the carpet! You WILL undo your trousers and get over my knee NOW!..."

Spanked On The Bare Bottom!

"Kate yanked his trousers down to bare his bottom and proceeded to spank him good and hard with her hand. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Each stinging blow echoed through the house. "You little worm" Kate hissed "I clean all day and you march in here with those DAMN dirty boots! Maybe if I warm your bare ass you'll think twice next time!" Jack tried not to say anything as he knew it would only make his young wife madder. And when Kate got REALLY pissed, she could be a the world's biggest bitch wife!..."
spanked by his wife picture

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I Think You Need The BELT!

"But Kate was in a rare mood today and proceeded to intensify her punishment. She stripped the big black leather belt from his trousers and brandished it above his bare bottom. "I think you NEED the belt today, Jack" she sneered "Your fat white ass is just BEGGING for a good belt spanking from your wife!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She rained blow after stinging blow down upon his naked ass with the belt! "Quit kicking" she demanded "Lie still or I'll just spank you twice as hard!" The tears welled in Jack's eyes, as much as from the shame and humiliation of being spanked OTK style by his young wife as from the pain. "Men!" Kate huffed "They're all little boys and need to be spanked like little boys, right Jack?"..."

His Ass Was Burning!

"Kate kept swinging away at poor Jack's bare bottom with the heavy leather belt. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! One stinging humiliating blow following another until his pale white ass was turning a bright pink and red. "Ah, yes!" his young wife sneered "THAT'S putting a little color into your cheeks!" "N-No more!" he begged as the pain became too intense "P-PLEASE!" "Quit your begging, Jack, it's embarrassing!" Kate hissed back "Just be glad I don't open the curtains and allow the people on the street to see what a teary little boy you are when over your wife's lap!" Jack bit his lip and choked back the tears. Why did he marry such an awful woman? Do other husbands have to suffer such bare bottom shame and humiliation in their OWN homes he wondered?..."
spanked by his wife picture
spanked by his wife picture

You Better Listen NEXT Time!

"Alright, Jack" Kate sneered as she literally flung him off her lap "Maybe that will teach you that when I say NEVER wear your boots in the house, I MEAN IT!" "Yes, dear" Jack nodded as he rubbed his burning bare bottom "I'll be good" Kate just looked at him and held the black leather belt aloft "Try to be a MAN, for Chrissakes, Jack!" she hissed "It's embarrassing telling all the girls down at the beauty shop that I have to spank your bare bottom all the time!" Jack was mortified, did she REALLY tell all the girls that he was spanked by his wife? Kate could see the question forming in his mind and sternly answered him. "Yes, Jack" she shot back "ALL the women in the neighborhood know I spank you like a little boy! I bet they have EVEN told their husbands about it. I bet THAT got a good laugh round the table, huh?" Jack bit his lip and started to blubber. "STOP THAT!" Kate demanded "Or I'll tape our next little "husband spanking" session and post it on the web! Would you want the whole WORLD to see your spanked bare ass?!"...."
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