He might of THOUGHT he was the man of the house, but when his sexy young wife dropped his britches and put him over her knee for a humiliating bare bottom OTK style belt spanking, he soon learned different! Could there be ANYTHING more embarrassing and humiliating for a married man than to be spanked like a little boy by his OWN WIFE?
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husband spanked with belt by wife picture

Across My Lap You Go!

"Janet was tired of having to pick up after her husband Jerry. Although they had only been married a few months, she was rapidly getting sick of always having to clean up after him like his mother used to do. So what to do about it? Janet had the answer! "If you want to act like a spoiled brat" she sneered "Then I'm going to spank you like one! Get across my lap NOW!" Jerry tried to resist, but in an instant she had stripped his clothes off and was throwing him across her lap. "I just bought a brand new black leather belt" she hissed "And now it's going to get it's first taste of my husband's naughty bare bottom!" Jerry struggled and writhed, but his wife had him by the hair and he couldn;t shake free of her grasp.."

She Grabbed Her New Leather Belt!

"Okay, Jerry" she said "If you're going to act like a little boy, then it's time your wife spanked you like one! Would you like that? To be spanked and shamed across your wife's lap?" Janet reached for her new leather belt and took it in her hand. "What a pale bare butt you have" she sneered "I think I'm really going to enjoy spanking it bright red with my new belt. I'll have that ass glowing for a week!" Jerry struggled even harder to get free. "And try not to rub your little cock on my thigh, Jerry" she whispered "I don't want to be cleaning up any little messes!" His wife had always been the dominant one in their marriage, but the thought that she was now going to be disciplining him too was a new sensation for Jerry. His wife was now the BOSS!.."
husband spanked with belt by wife picture

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husband spanked with belt by wife picture

This Is Going To HURT!

"Get ready" Janet laughed as she snapped the black leather belt repeatedly over Jerry's naked bare bottom "This is going to hurt you a LOT more than it's going to hurt me!" Janet was surprised to feel her pussy start to get wet and throb, she was really starting to enjoy the dominant feeling of having her husband across her lap for an old-fashioned OTK style spanking. The idea of his burning shame and humiliation was arousing her like never before! "Now after each belt stroke you will say "I'm very sorry, Honey, I'll be a good boy", you got that, Jerry?" she said "Otherwise I'm going to whip your ass till it bleeds!" Jerry gulped, she WAS serious!.."

Belt Spanked By His Wife!

"SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The belt in his wife's hand came down on his bare bottom again and again! "I-I'm S-S-Sorry!" he blubbered as Janet belt spanked his ass with a furious passion. She was liking it! Feeling her husband writhing on her lap as she whipped his naked ass time and time again with the heavy black leather belt was awesome! She was going to have to do this MORE! "Quit crying" she bellowed "Want the neighbors to hear you wailing like a little girl?" Jerry bit his lip, the stinging blows were hurting like nothing he had known before, and the fact that here he was across his wife's lap like a little boy being spanked by his mother was SO humiliating for a grown-up married man!.."
husband spanked with belt by wife picture
husband spanked with belt by wife picture

Gagged With Dirty Panties!

"After getting sick of his wailing and pleading as she belt spanked his bare ass, Janet grabbed a pair of her dirty panties off the floor and shoved them in his open mouth. "Here!" she hissed "Suck on these and shut the fuck up! I'm sure not done spanking you yet! Not by a long shot!" She took the belt up again and continued to whip and flail at Jerry's naked butt with it. "Just wait till I tell my mother that I spanked my husband with a belt!" she crowed "She'll be SO proud of me..of course, she's going to know what a little wimp bitch YOU are, huh, Jerry?" Her husband's eyes filled with tears at his wife's cruel taunts and blows. "Guess that's what I get for marrying a spoiled brat" Janet said "But at least I know how to make you behave. I think a good belt spanking once a day on the bare ass should do it!" And poor Jerry knew she wasn't kidding!"
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